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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company and its products. We are very passionate about our commitment to manufacturing machinery in India for increased agricultural productivity.

Premier Crop Protection Equipment India Pvt Ltd or PCPE manufactures “Jetstream” equipment in India. Jetstream machinery is designed in Australia and sold all over the world. Australian Agricultural Machinery Pty Ltd., Australia who manufacture Jetstream equipment have been in business since 1956 and have been involved in design and manufacture of Animal feed mixers, grain handling equipment and crop spraying equipment.

When it comes to spraying technology there we are the only company in India that supplies spraying equipment that will saves the farmer time and money by accurately applying chemicals to the crop. Jetstream sprayers employ low volume technology, which means less water is used to carry the chemical. With low water rates the chemical efficiency becomes greater. A better kill of the pests, weeds and insects is assured. The application of chemicals through our spray boom and precision matched jets is also a major factor to the success of low volume spraying. Our specially designed spray jets give triple overlap coverage, which is even across the target – unlike traditional knapsack sprayers with a wand.

LEARNING CENTRE  Latest Spraying Technology
Calibration of a boom spray ensures accurate spraying. To findout more watch the video.
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Low Volume Spray
Low volume spraying can save on chemical costs, saves water usage and is good for the environment. To find out more watch the video.
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TMS sprayers
Jetstream TMS sprayers are the best on the market. To find out more watch the video.
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